07 April 2009

Tempt Me At Twilight (Lisa Kleypas)

After seeing the gorgeous cover for Tempt Me At Twilight (Lisa Kleypas), the third book in The Hathaways series, at The Book Smugglers, I just had to mention it!

From the author's website:
Poppy Hathaway, who has always longed for a normal, ordinary life, has been abandoned by her true love, Michael Bayning. Caught up in scandal, she has only one way out — to marry Harry Rutledge, a handsome and mysterious hotel owner. But Harry is a man of many secrets, and eventually Poppy faces a heartwrenching question: What does a heroine do when she ends up married to the villain?
And you can read an excerpt here!

Unfortunately, Tempt Me at Twilight will not be published until 22 September 2009... *deep breath*


  1. I am sooooo looking forward to this book! Can't wait. September is too far away :(

  2. Me too :) I read the excerpt last night and I was like...can September follow April please?

  3. I was so thinking it would be the Brother and the title would contain Something at "Noon". Oh well!

  4. Ditto :) Don't know if you've read the excerpt Aymless, but it sure sounds good to me.. The question is, can Harry top Cam and Kev as as hero? Cam Rohan fan... *SIGH*

  5. *subliminal chanting* check your mailbox next week /*subliminal chanting*

  6. LOL! Acknowledged and understood! THANK YOU!


  7. I just saw this cover for the first time today and I admit it is very lovely! I can't wait to catch up in this series. Well. Sort of. I think. LOL What I mean to say is that I read Secrets of a Summer Night last month for my TBR Challenge (although I failed to write the review yet) and I believe the Hathaway stories come after the Wallflowers, right?

    Anyway, thanks for posting the cover. I love it! :)