28 May 2009

I've Been CJ'd!

I am truly very honoured to announce that I've been CJ'd (or should that be Little CJ'd?) by the lovely Kati from Katidom! Thank you Kati! (((Kati)))

And since I must award it to two people (or Little CJ will make a voodoo doll of me and stick pins in it *shivers*) I hear by award the Little CJ Blog Award to:

- Kristen of Fantasy Cafe

Why? Because both of you are currently playing absolute HAVOC with my TBR list (which is both good AND bad, according to my previous post).


  1. Congratulations Orannia! And thank you!

  2. *Dear God Little CJ is scary* Congrats, hun, and thanks! You know I love to help people spend money on books. ;)

  3. Kristen & Kris - you're both very welcome! I love your blogs...and how many fantastic books you both bring to my attention! My TBR list is sulking though :)

  4. WTG Orannia *g* Enjoy your award.

  5. LOL! It is a fabulous honor. No really, imagine having someone *care* so much they'd make a voodoo doll of you.

    Our CJ is twisted. ;o)

    Enjoy the heaps of glory this honor will bring you. I do what I can, because I'm a GIVER.

  6. Oh congrats! I really wish that this particular "getting pinned" was as nice as it was in the 50's but unfortunately, once again, our Little CJ has gone all Pinhead on us! lol

  7. Thank you Kristie!

    LOL Kati! And thank you!

    ...but unfortunately, once again, our Little CJ has gone all Pinhead on us!LOL Tracy!

  8. LOL! Uh... congrats, I think (hope little CJ doesn't have to stick pins in you!).

    Yes Little CJ is scary and a bit (dare I say it) freaky. But I do adore Miss Doreen. *g*

  9. Thank you Aymless. I had forgotten about Miss Doreen (please don't tell her I said that).

    She's been very quiet of late...I wonder what she is up too?

  10. Miss Doreen probably out there somewhere drooling over some cowboy and denying it. *g*