25 May 2009

J'ai Fini

I have finished the book! FINALLY! *happy dance* I finished on Saturday afternoon and promptly dived into When Gods Die (CS Harris), which I am happy to say is a nice, relaxing, easy read (and very good to boot). And my overwhelming emotion upon finishing the book? Relief...

As for the book...I've been thinking about whether I want to read the next one, or whether I want to attempt the spin-off series. Is anyone else who has read the book (and yes I know I'm still not naming it...if I don't name it then it has no power over me *grin*) planning on continuing with the series or picking up the spin-off? I'm fence sitting at the moment...I really don't know if I can face another two-week marathon (yes, it took me almost 14 days to read)...


  1. Congratulations orannia!

    Yes, I definitely plan on reading the next book. Not exactly sure when it will be released - some time next year I believe. I'm waiting to see how this book pans out before deciding on whether or not I will continue with the series. I'm keen to read more on the two main characters of the next book, but really not too interested in some of the other characters.

    I'm still undecided about the new series. Although I know who the heroine is, I have no idea on who the hero is. The only other thing I know is that it is also set in Caldwell. I'd definitely need to read an extract before deciding.

  2. Thank you ShellBell!

    I'm really undecided. Like you, I am interested in the two main characters in the next book and one of the best friend's of one of the main characters...how subtle am I - LOL! Not so sure about the new series. I didn't realise it was set in Caldwell. Hmmmmm.

  3. I guess I shouldn't comment, since I've no plans to even read THE BOOK.

    I'm FREE, you hear? FREE of the addiction!


  4. Are you sure azteclady? Have you really kicked the addition :) I honestly think my 13-and-a-1/2-day struggle might have cured me too...I think...

  5. actually..

    not sure at all but I can hope, can't I?

  6. I'll read it... *sigh*

    Only have two words...


    And I'm an addict. But isn't admitting to the problem the first step. Maybe there is hope for me... maybe...

    Nope! Who am I kidding!?

  7. Yes, admitting to a problem is meant to be the first step. But if you don't want to fix the problem.....?

    I look forward to hearing what you think of LA when you get to it Aymless :)