01 May 2010

Books 2010: April Update

Total to date: 48 books (17 books this month: graphic novel [one book]; m/m romance [five books]; m/m romantic suspense [two books]; paranormal romance [one book]; suspense [two books]; urban fantasy [one book]; yaoi manga [five books])

The 2010 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge total to date: 14 books (five books this month)

The 2010 Big Book Challenge total to date: one book (Not Kushiel's Dart (Jacqueline Carey) - but watch this space!]

The M/M Romance Challenge 2010 total to date: 10 books (seven books this month)

A list of all the books I've read to date (from 01 January 2010) can be found at GoodReads.

Favourite books of the month?

* By Degrees (JB McDonald)

* Death of a Pirate King (Josh Lanyon)

* Keeping Promise Rock (Amy Lane)

* The Darkest Tide (Josh Lanyon)

Books I 'did not finish':

* Eve of Destruction (SJ Day)

* Shadow Kiss (Richelle Mead)

Currently reading: Flesh & Spirit (Carol Berg)

And the book I'm most looking forward to reading next month:

* Breath & Bone (Carol Berg) [Because I just have to read it!]

* Lover Mine (JR Ward) [Well, sort of...]

So, what did you read last month?


  1. Nice list... too bad about the DNF. Lover Mine was quite satisfying... having read it, I can quit the series. I really wanted to get to JM and Xhex story and was pretty happy with it :)

  2. Lover Mine is waiting for me at my library right now. :)

    Hmm. Lots of good stuff last month. All or Nothing (Taking the Odds, Book 3) by James Buchanan, Angelfish by M. King (m/m set in New Zealand!), The Wish by Eden Winters, Son of a Gun by AM Riley, The Prayer Waltz by KZ Snow, Admit One by Jenna Hilary Sinclair...

  3. Mariana - yes. I know the DNF books will surprise some. I guess I just wasn't in the right place for them. I am going to read an In Death novella today and then dive into Lover Mine (LM), which I picked up from the library on Friday. This is my make or break with the series book. And in all honesty, the plot I want to follow is Qhuinn & Blay - Lash drives me insane and...I know this is a bad thing to say but...JM drove me nuts in the last book so I'm not sure how much I really care. YIKES! Did I just admit that? So, having read LM, are you going to quit the series? I figure if LM drives me nuts I'll just read the Qhuinn-Blaylock storyline only in the next book.

    Chris - I picked up my copy of Lover Mine from the library on Friday! Oh, you did read some interesting books last month. I must try the James Buchanan series. Cheating Chance is the first, yes?

  4. Yes, yes, it is! And you know, I think it's available at Fictionwise... which has a sale through later today...


    We don't do this very often, so take advantage of 20% OFF ALL your eBooks this weekend with a 20% OFF coupon. To save, use coupon code: '043010' during the checkout process.

  5. NOOOO! You wouldn't tempt me this way if you could see my TBR list ATM...or maybe you would - evil woman *grin* If the sale is still on when I get home...

  6. Well, you'll probably be safe then, since I'm sure it's going to end based on midnight in some North American timezone. :)

    Um, unless you have over 200 things on your TBR (and I mean WELL OVER), we can't even have this conversation. ;)

  7. I'm definitely going to follow the Quinn-Blaylock love story; I'm hoping they'll have their own book, but that would be too much to hope for... I say that I'm quitting, but we'll see when Payne's book comes out :D

    I've actually not been as fed up as some with the series, but I have been frustrated with the slang more and more with each book. I got a boost when I heard it's only 3 more stories left. If that's true I can probably hang on, but if it extends more than that I'm definitely quitting.

    You MUST read James Buchanan.... love, love Nicky and Brandon.

  8. *ahem* you are only sort of interested to read Lover Mine??

    Kidding :)

    Death of a Pirate King...lurve that book.

  9. Chris - I missed it :( I will add Cheating Chance to my wish list though in preparation for the next sale. And...ummm...I don't have over 200 things on your TBR (and I mean WELL OVER) so I'll shut up *grin*

    Mariana - I didn't know there were only three books left. Umm. Payne, Tohr and Lassiter? And I'm so with you on the slang. It's so not necessary. In fact, it detracts from the BDBs general 'bad as*ness' as I can't take them seriously. And let's not get started on the branding!

    And so noted about James Buchanan. As I mentioned to Chris, Cheating Chance is going on my Fictionwise wish list :)

    Mandi - Lover Avenged had me almost hitting the wall WRT the slang and branding. I have a post from last year in which I rant about it. So, Lover Mine is my make or break book. I want to read about Team Qhuay, but I may just read those chapters in future books. It's nice to know there is more romance in this book.

    And I so wish Josh Lanyon would write another Adrian English book. Ah well, dreams are free *grin*

  10. 48 books so far in 2010 is awesome! And 17 books in April is amazing, too! I read my typical 8 books in April. {Kinda shabby, but it's probably 8 more books than the average American reads in one month!}

    All this buzz about Lover Mine these days enticed me to finally start reading Lover Avenged. I held out all those months for the paperback to come out last November and then never cracked it open until two nights ago! heh. Anyway, I'm curious about your general non spoiler thoughts on Love Mine when you get around to it! :D