29 November 2010

Go Slow

According to Wikipedia:

A slowdown is an industrial action in which employees perform their duties but seek to reduce productivity or efficiency in their performance of these duties. A slowdown may be used as either a prelude or an alternative to a strike, as it is seen as less disruptive as well as less risky and costly for workers and their union.
The short story: At one point on Friday I was seriously beginning to think that my computer and/or modem had instigated a go slow! (I was very tired on Friday.) Now...now I don't think this 'go slow' is deliberate.

The long story: Technomoron that I am, this 'go slow' has been occurring for at least a week - watching YouTube videos is like pulling teeth - and I kept thinking it was just a glitch! Finally, on Friday, while attempting (and failing miserably) to watch an episode of Project Runway (I won't say which season but FYI we are behind) I gave in and called my service provider. We chatted and I, at their suggestion, ran a speed test. According to my service provider, I should have one of the best broadband speeds in the country. (They wondered if I was 'sitting' on the exchange for it to be that fast :) But...according to the speed test my download speed is...one-fortieth what it should be. *GULP* So, they suggested I run a diagnostic. I had to download it twice (the first time the download timed out) and as of this morning said diagnostic had been running for almost 18 hours! I'll see what it says when I get home, but I'm hoping it's the modem and not my telephone line... *envisions large holes in the lawn*

In an effort to 1) discuss the issue; 2) download the diagnostic and 3) run the diagnostic I've been offline for *checks watch* TOO LONG! WARNING! WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS IMMINENT! Hopefully...someone will have it fixed (I'm a technomoron so that someone probably won't be me :) soon and I'll be back online in two shakes of a lamb's tail *grin*

So, I'm curious, when was the last time you had computer/modem/internet access issues and...how did you cope? (Luckily I've been reading the third Nicky & Brandon eBook, but I'm too close to the end and then what will I do?)

Edited to add: In case you are wondering how this post came to be considering I have no internet access I wrote it offline and posted it during my lunch break. Desperate, what?


  1. *starts to twitch sympathetically for orannia*

    Ack!! Well, for the last two days of vacation I was staying with a friend who didn't have wireless at home and didn't understand that spending some time online was critical. O.O

    I've lost internet connectivity briefly (less than an hour) here now and again. Which reminds me that I should research how to sign in/pay for the City's ubiquitous wireless, in case my provider goes down. Sort of hard to research that after my provider's already down...

  2. We have the telephone line go down for several hours for maintenance last week, which got me pretty twitchy. And my phone keep happily telling me it was on the home wireless network without figuring out it had no internet connectivity. In the end I turned Wi-Fi off completely and put the phone manually onto 3G. At least I had SOME internet access then if I felt desperate.

  3. Oh, hope things speed up soon, orannia!

    We had 10 days of no service when we moved in August. I spent a lot of time at Starbucks. It really sucked.

    Hope in the end, things work out so that your speed is zippier then ever!

  4. Chris - twitching not so good. I think if we decide deliberately not to go online, that's all well and good. But to have it taken away...completely different matter! Good luck with sourcing the City's wireless!

    Kerry - ouch! I didn't realize that. Did they (Telecom) give you some warning?

    Renee - thank you! Managed to run the diagnostic three times tonight so fingers crossed my service provider goes 'Oh, it's this' and fixes it in a jiffy. Fingers crossed these comments post :)

  5. Yikes. Everyone in my household would crumble without internet access or even slow connections. I hope yours gets addressed very quickly!

  6. Christine - I sometimes feel like I'm going mad. It's slightly better, but there is obviously still something wrong...the service provider is working on it, so fingers crossed :)